Spring Green Baked Eggs

Easter has come and gone, blossom is on the trees, you have shed the puffer jacket, you might have put it back on, and you have optimistically fired up the barbecue after it reached above 15 degrees. Spring is here people, and along with all the aforementioned this also comes with a new season ofContinue reading “Spring Green Baked Eggs”

Good Friday Grilled Fish Tacos

I’ve been looking for an excuse to post a fish taco recipe and then I was told that apparently this Friday is Good Friday; kicking off the start of Easter- who knew? Not me. Quarantine has well and truly dismantled the concept of time and things just “happen” now. Anyway, I checked a calendar andContinue reading “Good Friday Grilled Fish Tacos”

“All-From-The-Asian-Supermarket” Soup

The world is upside down. Schools are closed. Pubs are shut. Supermarkets are empty. Britain’s on lockdown. And I cannot remember a life before social distancing. With the negatives being so easy to dwell on, I am trying to focus on a positive I take away from this abnormal time. All this free time indoorsContinue reading ““All-From-The-Asian-Supermarket” Soup”

Leek and Lentil Shepards Pie with Butter bean and Celeriac mash

Okay look, I get it, this is not a Shepards pie. I know what a shepards pie is and this really is not it. But, by using lentils instead of a veggie mince replacement (Quorn etc) you are upping the fiber content whilst still getting in protein. The celeriac and butterbean mash may also seemContinue reading “Leek and Lentil Shepards Pie with Butter bean and Celeriac mash”